Does Calgary’s +15 App Need An Upgrade?

Does Calgary’s +15 App Need An Upgrade?

It’s not far-fetched to say that mobile apps are the future. Given the increasing ubiquity of mobile technology, it is both natural and inevitable that apps are going to become a more and more integrated part of our lives. Surely you’ve heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” That has never before been as true as it is today. That being said, however, not all apps are created equal. Which is why SozenTech is taking on the challenge of recreating Calgary’s plus 15 app. The current +15 app is cumbersome and lacks many core features. The current application does a good job of showing users basic information, however, in today’s day and age that’s not enough. At SozenTech we understand that functionality should be at the heart of any app. We want to upgrade the app, giving it more utility and enhancing the user experience. We think that the +15 app should make commuting in downtown easier, more fun, safer, and faster.

The people of the downtown commercial core deserve all of the functionality of a high tech application connected to the highly planned structural blueprint of the +15 system and the plentiful buildings and offerings. We will design this application to be functionally diverse with an ease of use. SozenTech envisions this application as being usable in everyday life, just as commonly used at the skywalk system itself.

    The plus 15 skywalk system was so well designed that it had an unseen drawback in the everyday life of the street life of the commercial core. The ever exceeding usefulness of the +15 system has detracted the value of walking through the commercial core streets. Some businesses are receiving less walking traffic through their stores due to the lack of foot traffic. We plan to change that making it easier to navigate to a business and other common areas. This will improve downtown for the people, the business owners, and the city in general.

     So what are you waiting for, we’re ready if you are, sign the petition and let us know, are you ready for a new and improved plus 15 skywalk navigation application for the downtown Calgary commercial core?

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